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Navigating the Conversation: How to Discuss Prenups with Your Partner

You both have found the Love of your life, you have gotten to know one another, and have had the conversations about favorite seasons, sports teams, are you a beach, desert, or mountain person, even talked about your position on money matters, faith, and children. Though have you had the ‘what if it doesn’t work out?’ discussion?

Prenuptials (prenups) have seen a tremendous growth in the past 15 years. In a Harris Poll 1 in 7 marriages in 2022 had a prenuptial vs 1 in 34 in 2010.

Prenups for Millennials: Embracing Change in Modern Relationships

In recent years, there has been a notable shift in the attitudes of millennials and younger generations towards prenuptial agreements. Once considered a taboo subject associated with distrust and impending divorce, prenups are now being viewed through a different lens – one that prioritizes practicality, financial transparency, and individual autonomy within relationships. Let's delve into this evolving trend and explore the factors driving this change in perspective.

Paternity Lawsuits in Nevada

Establishing paternity means identifying a child’s biological father. In some cases, this is ordered by the courts to determine who is financially responsible for a child. In these cases, refusal to take a paternity test can result in a default judgment. In other cases, fathers seeking to become a part of a child’s life, give the child a sense of family history and entitle the child to the benefits of being a dependent will bring paternity suits in Nevada.

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