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Family law is a broad area of law covering issues such as divorce, estate planning, adoption and juvenile law. The Law Office of Thomas C. Bradley focuses primarily on divorce and prenuptial agreements. Whether you are planning for marriage and a long, happy future together or your relationship is winding to a close, attorney Thomas C. Bradley can help.

Mr. Bradley understands the deeply personal nature of family law matters and what is at stake for his clients. He gives each client his full attention. When you choose the Law Office of Thomas C. Bradley for your family law needs, you will be working exclusively with Mr. Bradley, and never be passed off to another attorney or an assistant. He will spend as much time with you, one-on-one, as you need.

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Family needing a lawyer in Reno or Sparks, NVWhy You Need a Family Law Attorney

When it comes time to plan for marriage or get help with a divorce, many people instinctively reach out to the attorney they already know and use for their existing legal needs such as the lawyer they have relied on for years for business matters. It is natural, especially when facing matters that are so personal, to turn to someone you know and trust, who knows you and knows something about where you stand.

But when you are dealing with family law, or any area of law for that matter, you need an attorney who is actively practicing in that field. A lawyer with experience practicing family law, who is already current on the changes and nuances of family law as it exists in Nevada today. You need a lawyer with his finger on the pulse of today’s divorce courts, here locally, the courts where you case will be heard, so that your case is prepared properly from the very beginning. You need a family law attorney and with the trial experience to see your case through if a fair and favorable settlement cannot be reached.

Mr. Bradley has been practicing family law for 20 years. He understands the intricacies and the delicate nature of these cases. Practicing law in Reno for over 30 years, he is a skilled negotiator and litigator who can help you prepare for a harmonious marriage by working closely with you to draft a prenuptial agreement that will protect your interests while being fair and enforceable. And if you are facing the dissolution of marriage, he can often turn a bitter and acrimonious battle around to achieve a settlement that satisfies both parties without the lengthy and painful court battle seen in so many divorces.

In cases where a fair and favorable settlement cannot be reached, Mr. Bradley has the trial experience, skill and passion for helping his clients, to fight for your best interests at trial.

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