LGBTQ+ Family Law Services

Family Law Attorney Serving Reno, Sparks, and Nearby Western Nevada

Reno family law attorney Thomas Bradley is proud to offer services designed to address the unique concerns of LGBTQ families. As an experienced, dedicated, and attentive family law attorney, Mr. Bradley has the background and resources to help families navigating complex legal issues come to the best solution. He welcomes an opportunity to meet with you where he can listen to your concerns, address your specific needs, and help you determine the best course forward, no matter which family law issue you may be facing.

If you live in or around Reno and are in need of a family law attorney, please call Thomas C. Bradley at 775-323-5178 today. Mr. Bradley offers legal services for LGBTQ families living in Sparks and all surrounding areas of Nevada.

Areas of Practice

Mr. Bradley can assist LGBTQ couples with all family legal issues. This includes:

In many cases, LGBTQ+ family law issues are identical to those faced by all families, but some issues can become complicated by somewhat ambiguous laws and untried cases. Having a smart, thoughtful, and attentive LGBTQ family lawyer on your side can help ease the process and work to protect your best interests in all eventualities.

Are Gay and Lesbian Divorces More Complex?

Gay and lesbian marriage has been federally protected since 2015. This means that, as of yet, there have not been a tremendous number of LGBTQ+ divorce cases. Because of that, some issues that may present complexities during divorce may require additional attention from a qualified attorney.

Thomas C. Bradley understands how emotionally exhausting divorce can be. He also understands that, as an LGBTQ couple, what you are facing may be confusing, ill-defined, and frightening. He is here to stand by your side, provide a calm and stable presence, and work towards a solution that honors the relationship you had while setting you up for the future you hope for.

Why Hire an Attorney?

When you are facing a complicated family law issue, it is always a good idea to have someone on your side who understands the ins and outs of the law. Family matters are often complicated by emotions. Having an attorney on your side who can remain focused, patient, and reasonable in the face of mounting pressure is essential. If you are an LGBTQ individual, having an attorney on your side who is open, accepting, and affirming is equally essential. Thomas C. Bradley offers all of these things and more.

Proven effective, well respected, and always on, Thomas Bradley is a family law attorney who truly cares about the happiness of each client he sees. No matter if you are planning for a future together or if you have come to the end of your relationship, Thomas C. Bradley can help. Call today at 775-323-5178 to schedule a consultation and learn more.